Gregori Werder

Dr. iur., Attorney-at-Law


Gregori Werder

Dr. iur., Attorney-at-Law


Main Practice Areas

Health Law | Health Insurance Law
Care and Nursing Law
Commercial administrative Law
Public and administrative Law
Energy Law
Emplyoment Law
Government liability
Political rights
School and educational Law
Public procedural Law
Commercial and Contract Law


Gregori Werder's practice focuses on public law, where he provides comprehensive advice and litigation support in all aspects of the state-private relationship, both on the public authority side and for private parties.

In particular, Gregori Werder has extensive knowledge of the public health care system and assists medical care providers in the regulatory area in the implementation of projects. He has extensive experience in representing physicians and their institutions vis-à-vis health insurers, licensing and regulatory authorities.

Gregori Werder also regularly represents and advises authorities at the cantonal level as well as municipalities in all areas of public law, in particular in employment law.


Gregori Werder studied law at the University of Zurich and, after completing his studies, worked as a research assistant and lecturer in public law at the University of Zurich from 2012 until 2016. In 2018, his dissertation entitled "Religious Freedom in Schools as a Conflict of Interest", which he wrote during this time, was published.

In 2016, Gregori Werder became part of a law firm in Zurich specializing in public law, where he started as a trainee lawyer and was working as a lawyer since 2019. In 2020 he became a member of the executive board. Gregori Werder joined Werder Viganò as a partner in January 2022.



Publications (Selection)

Das Anordnungsmodell in der psychologischen, Psychotherapie, in: Jusletter 2. Mai 2022

Die Zulassungsbeschränkung zur OKP – oder: Das Gesetz, das niemand wollte, in: Jusletter vom 31. August 2021

Gesundheitsberufe 2020 - eine stille Revolution?, in: Pflegerecht 1/2019 (mit Prof. Thomas Gächter)

Religionsfreiheit in der Schule als Interessenkonflikt, Zürich 2018 (Dissertation)

Sozialziele, Art. 41 BV, in: Waldmann/Belser/Epiney (Hrsg.), Basler Kommentar zur Bundesverfassung, Basel 2015 (mit Prof. Thomas Gächter)

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