Debt collection | Restructuring | Bankruptcy

We advise businesses, creditors and investors during a business crisis. We assist in finding commercially sound, effective solutions to overcome crises and aid restructuring.

We conduct enforcement actions in Switzerland on behalf of our domestic and international clients:

  • Assertion of claims through debt collection and/or bankruptcy prodecures
  • Protection of assets using freezing orders
  • Enforcement of international judgments and other enforceable instruments

If bankruptcy or composition proceedings prove inevitable, we view our role as being one that facilitates speedy liquidation and realizes optimal results. We possess long time expert knowledge as legal advisors, administrators, liquidators and in representing the interests of creditors:

  • Strategic restructuring concepts from a legal perspective
  • Drafting and negotiation of the necessary agreements
  • Support with the implementation of capital restructuring measures
  • Representation of creditors during restructuring, bankruptcy and composition proceedings
  • Mandates as officially appointed administrator in bankruptcy proceedings
  • Administrator and liquidator mandates in composition proceedings
  • Assumption of executive functions in companies in liquidation