Media | Movie | Entertainment

We advise and represent players in the entertainment industry, such as production companies, publishers, investors and exploitation businesses, artists and other creative professionals involved with film, the media, music and entertainment. A number of film production projects have our assistance every year. Our long time practical expert knowledge ranges from the idea and project concept stage through contracts and subsidy filings to release.

  • Authors’, performers’ and producers’ rights and contracts
  • Moral rights, personality and pricavy protection
  • Protection of titles and concepts
  • Legal aspects of financing and investor relationships
  • International co-productions
  • Acquisition and protection of underlying rights
  • Domestic and cross-border publishing and exploitation agreements
  • Collecting societies
  • Swiss and foreign film funding and other subsidy proceedings
  • Representation in out-of-court legal action, in court and before public authorities

The professional and industry organizations that we support include:

  • AUDIOVISION SCHWEIZ, the umbrella organization for rights’ holders in the film, music and interactive entertainment sectors
  • SAFE, the organization which protects against copyright piracy
  • A number of Swiss film producer industry associations